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Hope is Something the Future Needs

Myriah Smiley

Myriah Smiley is a 19-year-old young woman who is a LeadersUp associate and attended our 2017 Noah’s Bagels career skills cohort training. She attends Los Angeles Trade-Technical College and is majoring in Small Business for Entrepreneurship. Her goal is to open her own bakery in San Francisco. On August 5, she will compete in the

Bridging the Global Economy with Career Pathways for Opportunity Youth

Next week I have the honor of representing LeadersUp at “Future Ready. Tomorrow’s Workforce. Ready Now” summit in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been invited to help strategize with more than 200 employers from across the country and share insights on our LeadersUp model for helping employers build talent pipelines comprised of skilled young adults.   A lack

Building Partnerships to Diversify the Creative Economy

According to British author and media expert John Howkins, the creative economy deals in ideas and money. In 2001, he described it as an economic system where value is based on novel and imaginative qualities rather than traditional resources. Where imagination and ingenuity decide what people want to do and make. And what they want

Meet Giants Intern Chloe Myers


Chloe Myers is one of our newest interns joining us on our partnership with James Bland Productions for Season 2 of “Giants the Series.” Read more about Chloe in her Q&A below and make sure to catch her vlog next week as she continues to share her experience on set. Tell us a bit about

Meet Giants Intern Jacob Gray

Jacob Gray is one of our newest LeadersUp interns! Through our partnership with James Bland Productions, Jacob will be working on the second season of “Giants the Series” as a production intern. Check out his Q&A below and stay tuned for his upcoming vlog next week! Tell us a bit about how the experience has

Meet Giants Intern Terrell Bradford

Terrell Bradford is one of the newest interns joining the LeadersUp team. Through our partnership with James Bland Productions, Terrell will be working on Season 2 of “Giants the Series.” Check out his Q&A below as he shared his experience on set and make sure to tune in next week for his first vlog. Tell