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The Flatten the Curve, Bridge the Divide Insights Series

Virtual Roundtable Di cu ion April 21, 2020 Young adult of color are worried about the adver e effect our nation’ re pon e to COVID-19 will have on their quality of life, acce to healthcare and their mental well-being For our report, “The Flatten the Curve, Bridge the Divide | In ight Serie Relea e 1: Amplifying the Voice of the Next Generation of At-Ri k Talent,” we ...Read More

LeadersUp 2018 Hiring Fair Key Insights Report

2018 Hiring Fair Key Insights Report

In partner hip with more than 45 employer and 20 Talent Development Partner , thi year’ hiring fair produced nearly $149 million in total economic benefit &nb p; Leader Up Hiring Fair are uniquely de igned to appeal to and motivate Opportunity Youth—young people between the age of 16 and 24 who are not in chool and not working—to begin their career journey In addition, the Hiring ...Read More

New Just Opportunity: Creating Fairer Employment Practice for Justice-Involved Young Adults

LeadersUp Just Opportunity Report

"I want to be given a fair chance, ba ed on my abilitie and not judged for my pa t mi take that I made, o I kind of want to be given a clean late o that I can how the world or bu ine e or whatever that I am capable of doing the right thing and being a per on of integrity” &nb p; By pending upward of $80 billion each year to manage the world’ large t criminal ...Read More

New LeadersUp Report Provides Key Insights For Transition Age Youth, Employment Opportunities, And Wraparound Career Support

Transition Age Youth Key Insights Report

"California' fo ter care y tem i re pon ible for over 62,035 youth and over 20,000 of them re ide in Lo Angele County" Currently, there are over 55 million young adult in the US between the age of 18 to 24 who are unemployed and not in chool Thi group i widely known a Opportunity Youth, and in ide thi hard-to-reach and di connected population, there exi t an even harder to ...Read More

New LeadersUp Report Provides Key Insights Into Breaking Barriers To Access Opportunity at the BAYEP Career Pathway Summit

LeadersUp 2018 BAYEP Hiring Fair Report

According to US Cen u data, there are more than 60,000 Young Men of Color in Bay Area region who are not in chool and not working Thi di connected and vulnerable population not only repre ent untapped potential, but al o contribute to more than $14 billion dollar in ocial and economic burden , including unrealized US tax revenue The alarming di connection of YMoC in the Bay Area ha far ...Read More