LeadersUp 2018 Hiring Fair Key Insights Report

2018 Hiring Fair Key Insights Report

In partnership with more than 45 employers and 20 Talent Development Partners, this year’s hiring fairs produced nearly $14.9 million in total economic benefit


LeadersUp Hiring Fairs are uniquely designed to appeal to and motivate Opportunity Youth—young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not in school and not working—to begin their career journey. In addition, the Hiring Fairs are designed to connect young adults to professional development trainings and resources that help them advance throughout their careers. This year, LeadersUp focused on the theme of accessibility to employment and partnered with community-based locations in each of its three key markets: Chicago (August), SF Bay Area (September), and Los Angeles (October).

All three Hiring Fairs covered new ground, focused on improving access for Opportunity Youth: Chicagoland highlighted the importance of leveraging and involving trusted networks (family members and mentors); Oakland/SF Bay Area highlighted the importance of meeting transportation needs; and Los Angeles highlighted the importance of community outreach as a gateway to introducing accessible opportunities.

Below are highlights from each market, download the full report to see our full impact and innovations report.


Chicagoland: Focused on South Side; supported existing systems (Thrive) with expanding their impact; support for TDL employers to engage new talent in face of aging workforce; added support of local media as sponsors as well as influencers as ambassadors

LeadersUp in the News | Chicago Hiring Fair Fox 32 News Clip:  Watch


Bay Area: Focused on “Just Opportunity” & Boys and Young Men of Color; centralized location to expand access to opportunity to young people across the Bay Area

LeadersUp Bay Area Hiring Fair | Thank You Oakland: Watch


Los Angeles: Focus on community engagement via Taste of Soul; media outreach to increase awareness of opportunities in South LA

Taste of Soul Festival Takes Over Historic Crenshaw Boulevard: Watch