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From the Desk of Jeffery Wallace

Creative Solutions Through Diversity

LeadersUp - Future at Work Leadership Network

On the 17th floor of LinkedIn’s headquarters overlooking San Francisco’s city skyline, nine business and human resources leaders from varying industries gathered to talk about diversity—in a city with an economic and moral imperative to ensure all of its citizens can contribute to and benefit from its unbelievable rapid growth. Featured speakers at the inaugural

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Creating an Inclusive Bay Area Economy

As a native of Richmond, California, I am acutely aware of the challenges young men of color face growing up in the Bay Area. When I walked through the doors of the Oakland Convention Center on Tuesday, October 17, to attend the BAYEP Career Summit, I was thrilled to see hundreds of young people lined

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Building Partnerships to Diversify the Creative Economy

According to British author and media expert John Howkins, the creative economy deals in ideas and money. In 2001, he described it as an economic system where value is based on novel and imaginative qualities rather than traditional resources. Where imagination and ingenuity decide what people want to do and make. And what they want

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Kicking off #BlackHistoryMonth with TEDx

Jeffery Wallace - TEDxCrenshaw

February 2017 marks the first anniversary of “LeadersUp Month,” an honor we received last year from Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe for helping to create partnerships between local training organizations, municipal leaders, and businesses that connect Angelenos to career pathways. Our focus for February is to celebrate the innate skill all our young adults

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New Year, New Site, Same Vision. 

Last year, with conviction and our shared vision, we connected more than 1,600 young adults to employment—and we are just getting started. The winds of change have ushered in a new year and a deeper commitment at LeadersUp to expanding opportunities for young adults, communities, and businesses to succeed. I’ve seen firsthand the mutual benefits

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