Flatten the Curve, Bridge the Divide Insight Series Release 2 - Leadersup

Resilience Through Crisis

Employers wrestling with complex laws and new challenges brought on by COVID-19 will want to hear from our panel of experts on how to manage staffing costs, supplemental relief, legal guardrails, and safety guidelines. DOWNLOAD the slide presentation, which includes a link to the complete webinar presented on May 21, 2020.

How Are Employers Being Impacted by COVID-19?

We conducted a national survey to find out how employers are responding to COVID-19. We wanted to assess the efficacy of work-from-home options; talent needs and gaps in training and support for young adult job seekers; and opportunities for businesses to spearhead an inclusive economic recovery. We found disparate impacts by industry and company size. Find out more by reading Part II of our Insights Series, Identifying Opportunities for Rapid Response and Inclusive Economic Recovery.”

Insights Series Part I: “Amplifying the Voices of the Next Generation of At-Risk Talent”

We surveyed America’s most vulnerable workers, Gen Z and young Millennials of color ages 16-30, to find out how they are being impacted by labor market disruptions related to COVID-19. They’re worried about being laid off, paying bills, and their mental and physical well-being. It’s clear they want to work but wonder ‘Is it safe?’ Read Part I of our Insights Series.