Meet Giants Intern Chloe Myers


Chloe Myers is one of our newest interns joining us on our partnership with James Bland Productions for Season 2 of “Giants the Series.” Read more about Chloe in her Q&A below and make sure to catch her vlog next week as she continues to share her experience on set.

Tell us a bit about how your internship experience has been to date? Are there any highlights you would like to share?

The experience at “Giants” has been incredible. I have met so many different people and connected with characters from all parts of the series. One highlight I have was when I got to meet Sean and Vanessa, who play Ade and Journee, respectively, on the show.

How did you find/connect to this opportunity?

One of my sister’s best friends actually went to school at FAMU with James and she found out about the internship via Facebook, sent it to me and told me to apply!

Why is important to keep persisting?

Keep moving because one day you might find yourself like me: boarding a plane and flying more than 3,000 miles away from everyone and everything you have ever known to be a part of something that is a true part of your calling in this world. Keep going—always.

What advice do you have for those looking to enter the creative field?

Your social media pages, as well as your professional demeanors, are your best friends. Keep networking. Hustle and always improve yourself. Be proud of your work and your journey.

What are technical/hard skills you learning?

I am learning how to network, how to expand when it comes to branding and marketing something. I’m learning how to put my best foot forward, especially when people have worked so hard to make all of this happen.

What hard skills do you have now that you didn’t know you had before?

I consider myself a creative person, but this internship has also helped me with branding, marketing, and my social media skills are going up! It’s great especially when you are helping others network the show in the process.

What roadblocks are you facing?

Personally, it’s hard being so far from somewhere that I really do not consider home anymore. The only things I really miss about home are my family and my mom’s cooking. I miss Southern comfort food. I’m talking about grits and cornbread, not the stuff you can just buy premade at the store.

What opportunities in the entertainment/creative industry are you looking for?

I’m going to be a screenwriter. I want to expand in different types of writing since that’s my background. I want to go to more film screenings and festivals in the area and network with others who are working on the same and different goals.

What are your hopes and dreams?

To always be happy and grateful that I am not where I was yesterday and that I am always improving. I’m going to write my own series one day and am also currently writing a book and a book of poetry.

How frequently do opportunities come in your field of interest?

It’s California! If opportunities don’t come, you have to go out there and make it all happen. I made myself go on my roommate’s set yesterday and I got to A.D., Assistant Direct, for the day, so that was awesome. You have to put yourself out there to really flourish. Even if you fail, you can say you did it.

What do you think should be done to place more of your peers into the entertainment industry/creative economy?

Network. I know this is so overused but it is so true. Share your writing and pitch ideas to like-minded people and creatives who know someone in the industry. Everyone wants to be famous in this city, but you have to work for it.

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