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5 Ways to Shake off Unemployment Stress

LeadersUp Jun 12, 2020 . 2

1. Take Action

Action is the antidote for anxiety. So, when your job search has your anxiety on 10, taking just one small step towards your job search (e.g. proofreading a cover letter) can bring your anxiety down to a manageable level.

2. Breathe BIG and Breathe often

Focusing on your breath is one of the best ways to keep you motivated and stress free. 

Try this: Sit in a comfortable and quiet place. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and exhale for 8 counts. Try at least 10 rounds of this and feel the stress melt away.

3. Find a Job Search Buddy

Keeping your worries and fears about unemployment bottled-up inside can make you irritable and unmotivated. Talking to a buddy gives you an emotional release, because it gives difficult feelings somewhere to go. A buddy can also help keep you accountable to help you meet your job search goals.

4. Make Time to Move

Exercise release a feel good chemical in your body called dopamine. Whether you go for a run in the morning or have a dance party of 1 at lunch. Make some time to move every day.

5. Celebrate Small Wins

Whether you submit an application or secure a job interview, take time for a mini-celebration. Listen to your favorite song, watch your favorite show, or brag to a friend. It doesn’t matter how small the win,  because success happens by taking one small step after the other. 

Guide by:

Yeshiva Davis

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MBA

MFC 52250

President & Founder | K&S Therapeutic Services, Inc.

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