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6 Tips for Working Productively From Home

LeadersUp Jun 8, 2020

Going to a worksite every day gives us a daily routine and structure, but working from home suddenly gives us all the freedom we ever wished for! But, with social media, Netflix, and other distractions trying to grab our attention, how do we stay focused and on top of our business? 

It’s challenging, we know, but here are 6 tips for staying focused on your hustle so you can remain productive while also having fun and staying relaxed during your work-from-home life…

1. Revisit Your Morning Routine

Before jumping right into work, carve out some time to meditate, eat breakfast, go for a walk or read.

2. Find Your Dedicated Work Zone

Find a distraction-free area where you can get some natural light and can keep all of your work materials together.

Try this!

“Use a small container or basket to put all of your work materials into when you need to get up and move your workstation. Use this container or basket to store your work materials at the end of your work day/shift so you can officially check out from work. “

3. Buddy Up

Make a pact with your favorite coworker to check-in weekly to collaborate on tasks and stay motivated.

4. POWER Sprint!

Power through your work in 30-45 minute bursts. Take mini-breaks in between each burst to stretch, get a snack, and refresh before starting again.

Try this!

Set a timer to work in a sprint for 30-45 minutes. When your alarm goes off, stretch, walk around, drink water, grab a snack, or do whatever you need to refresh your mind and body.

5. Take Active Breaks!

Go for a walk, make lunch, or watch a quick Netflix episode during your breaks. 

Go ahead. Get distracted. You earned it.

6. Disconnect.

30 minutes before your day ends, begin to wrap up communication with your team. When the day is done, close your laptop and turn your phone notifications off.

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